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Yale Ogron Doors and windows has always been a company that targets the end user by making things easy and simple but yet producing a long lasting product. Moreover, our products have been designed for easy installation and maintenance by the installer.

Yale Ogron Doors and windows was started in 1958 with products for the ultimate consumer in mind. All of our products are easy to install, easy to maintain, and most important long lasting. Our assembly line also allows us to keep prices low.

Since our inception, we have serviced only to distributors, lumber yards, hardware stores, builders, contractors and exporters. This allows us to manufacture our products in volume. By dealing with a knowledgeable industry, we are able to concentrate more on service than on sales, since our network of distributors will do the all the sales.

Yale Ogron Doors and vinyl replacement windows not only manufactures high quality aluminum, PVC (Vinyl) Doors and windows for the industry, but also offers engineering support to all our distributors, architects, contractors, or prospective buyers (always call for information on Coastal Zone and ASCE 7-88).

Sliding Glass Doors

Awning Windows

Single Hung Windows

Jimmy-proof lock with built-in bolt protection, revolutionary locking stile, adjusting screens ... Proven superior field performance since 1958, screens require no tool to install/remove, incomparable design ... Vent removable from interior for ease Of cleaning - no tools required, drop-in screen for effortless installation ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rolling Windows

French Doors

Vinyl Casement Windows

Trim sight lines with superior structural design, maintenance free nylon rollers, drop-in screen for effortless installation ...

Door panels verticals and horizontals same width to create aesthetic balance, rugged, extra heavy-duty, safety tempered glass ...

Custom formulated 100% virgin vinyl provides unmatched resistance to weather extremes, salt air, pollution dirt, helps protect against heat loss or gain ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rough Opening Guides

Rough Frame Openings

Masonry Frame Openings

Glass Sliding Door Pocket Dim.

Series 6000 Horizontal Rollers

Series 4000 Glass Sliding Doors --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hung Windows

Impact View Products

Sash can be tilted for cleaning, removed for maintenance, or locked to operate vertically only, spring-locked, self-aligning jamb liner ensures fit and weathertightness ...

Eliminates the labor cost and anxiety of installing shutters each time there is a hurricane warning with minimal maintenance ...

Yale Ogron Windows and Doors was founded in 1958 on the idea that well designed quality windows and doors could be offered at competitive prices.

Throughout the years the company has evolved along with changing consumer demand, while maintaining the original founding idea; proving that good old fashion thinking can be successfully combined with customer driven, innovative thinking. Our original manufacturing plant has grown from 25,000 square feet to 110,000 square feet enabling us to enhance, perfect and expand our product line.

Company Overview

Yale Ogron Windows And Doors Inc. manufactures and markets windows and doors for residential and commercial applications. Its products include sliding glass doors, awnings, and single hung and rolling windows. The company also offers jalousies and strip jalousies, and vinyl casement windows. It operates through a network of distributors. Yale Ogron was founded in 1958 and is headquartered in Hialeah, Florida.