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Our Philosophy

At Polaris Technologies®we have created the ultimate window and door system and we continually strive to improve our product to ensure a superior value to you, our customer, so we become your product of choice

Company History

The history of POLARIS TECHNOLOGIES dates back to 1944 when MODERN BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC., the parent company, was founded in Youngstown, Ohio. We have been a manufacturer of high quality Windows and doors to the New Construction and Remodeling industry for over a half century.

Our heritage dates back to the days when our manufacturing consisted of storm vinyl replacement windows, storm doors, and aluminum replacement windows. In 1979, we became one of the first companies to embrace the introduction of vinyl to the window and door industry. At this point in history our marketing geography was primarily centered in the Midwest, basically Ohio and the contiguous states. In 1990, after some ten years of research and development, we applied the technology, the innovation of design, and the manufacturing expertise that was making us so successful in the market place and introduced the POLARIS BRAND of VINYL windows. The name POLARIS was chosen because it represents the North Star, the light used for centuries by travelers to find their way into the future and so the name POLARIS TECHNOLOGIES was born.

Today, POLARIS TECHNOLOGIES distributes products nationally. We have two manufacturing plants in the Youngstown, Ohio area that gives us nearly 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Polaris Technologies is recognized throughout the industry as a dynamic leader in product innovation and design. We are often chosen by leading vendors in the industry to partner on the development and prototyping of new industry innovations.

Our products are thoroughly tested in-house within our own research and development facility as well as going through rigid testing from outside independent testing laboratories. The goal of Polaris Technologies is to provide building product solutions to our customers for any window and door requirement. We will continue to offer only the uppermost quality product that meets or exceeds industry requirements.

Replacement Windows:

DynaTech® combines the strength and thermal performance of Polaris vinyl with the process of 4-point welding of the sash corners. This process ensures that you will receive a strong, thermal efficient, problem free product that will last a lifetime.

DynaTech windows are designed to look great from both the inside and outside of your home. Polaris energySMART® glass and multiple weather-stripping provide comfort for you and your family by keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The ThermalWeld® Series 7000 windows are the American traditional window as designed by Polaris. Tough Polaris vinyl and welded corners provide the strength. 7/8‘’ insulated glass provide the comfort and energy savings. Both the top and bottom sash tilt completely inside which helps to make cleaning a snap.

Polaris UltraWeld® replacement windows are part of our Ultimate Window and Door system. They combine maximum thermal efficiency with beautiful looks and a host of options to make your windows your windows. UltraWeld windows are ultra strong, ultra efficient, clean up ultra easy, are backed by an ultra warranty. When it all comes down to it, UltraWeld windows are, quite simply, the best.

The Series 1000 Double-Hung windows provide high energy efficiency, limited maintenance, and traditional window look, at an economical price. They are standard with fusion-welded corners on the frame and sash, easy-to clean tilt-in sash, and a true position balance system. They combine maximum thermal efficiency with beautiful looks and a host of options to make your windows your windows.

Window type

Similar to a casement window as it also opens on a hinge. The main difference between the two styles is that an awning window opens horizontally rather than vertically, which somewhat limits how far it can be opened. One benefit of this set-up, however, is that awning windows can often be left open during storms because the open pane deflects rainfall.

Essentinally the same as an awning window, but opens at the top rather than the bottom. For obvious reasons, this style does not direct rain away from the interior.

Like doors, casement windows pivot on hinges. This style often opens outward and may be operated with a hand-crank. According to Better Homes and Gardens, casement shapes tend toward the tall and narrow, so wide wall openings usually feature several.

Single / Double-Hung
According to Better Homes and Gardens, double and single-hung windows are still the most common choice for homebuilders. Double-hung windows contain two panes which both slide vertically. Single-hung windows contain two panes as well, upper and lower, but only the lower pane moves. The operating panes tilt in for easy cleaning.

Picture / Transom / Fixed
While these windows come in a selection of sizes and shapes, they are stationary, meaning they cannot be opened. For this reason, picture windows are considered somewhat attractive. While they may let in a tremendous amount of light, they do not allow for ventilation, so they are often used in conjunction with another type of window which does.

These windows open horizontally. On a single slider, only one side operates. On a double slider, both sides operate. We make a selection of sliding windows which can also be tilted in, swing in, or lifted out for easy cleaning.

A bay window is a attractive type of window that projects outward from the wall, creating a sense of more open space and allowing in more light. It is typically constructed from one central fixed window running parallel to the wall. This window is then flanked by two other windows, usually casement or double-hung styles, attached at an angle.

Much like bay windows, bow windows project outward from a wall. While a bay window is composed of three main panels, however, a bow window is constructed of several. These panes join to form a gentle curve, or a bow shape. Also similar to a bay window, a bow window's center is typically fixed and its side sashes are casement windows.