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Modern Builders Supply, Inc. is a wholesale building supply distributor. We have been servicing builders and contractors since 1944. Through providing high quality products and unbeatable service, MBS has become one of the top building supply distributors in the MidWest with 26 locations in 6 states to serve your needs

For years door manufacturers have been blamed for having entry door systems that need constant adjustments so they can open and close properly. The fact is, in a majority of the cases, the major cause of adjustments is due to moisture and the possibility of black mold infiltrating into the sub-floor. This not only causes swelling and warpage of the sub-floor and structural framing but also racks the door frame out of square. Once this happens the door will needconstant adjustments not to mention the additional areas for air and black mold to infiltrate a home.

Protecto Wrap Company’s NewProtecto Premium Dual Guard Threshold Tape™with its unique patentedflange acts like a gasket, sealing off the sub-floor and preventing air and moisture infiltration under the threshold. This will help keep the door frame from racking and the sub-floor from swelling and warping.

Modern Builders Supply, Inc. was founded in 1944 in YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO. What, today, has become the foremost independent building supply wholesaler of the Midwest, was started in a one-room rented building by Nathan LaTuchie. By the late 1960's the company added branches in AKRON, CANTON, CLEVELAND, and TOLEDO, OHIO. In addition to the distribution branches the company had begun to manufacture window and door products in YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO.

In 1977 Nathan LaTuchie retired, turning the business over to his son Herbert. In 1979, MBS became one of the first companies to embrace the all new solid vinyl replacement windows and began fabricating the product in Youngstown, Ohio. MBS soon became an industry leader in innovation and technology in the manufacturing of vinyl windows. By the mid-1980's MBS had opened additional branches in COLUMBUS, DAYTON, AND CINCINNATI, OHIO, as well as PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA. In 1986, Herbert LaTuchie retired, and MBS was acquired by two of its key employees LARRY LEGGETT and Richard Fredecker. Five years later, on December 31, 1991, Mr. Fredecker retired and LARRY LEGGETT became sole owner of MODERN BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC.

After entering the market as a fabricator of the Certainteed window for some 10 years, Modern Builders Supply decided that it was time to present customers with additional choices and alternative selections. So during the early 1990's MBS began manufacturing the Alcoa/Mastic vinyl window and PROUDLY introduced it's own designed vinyl window, which is marketed to this day under the name of POLARIS. Today, THE POLARIS WINDOW AND DOOR SYSTEM is recognized as one of the leading window and door systems in the industry. POLARIS TECHNOLOGIES occupies nearly 400,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space in the Boardman and Austintown, Ohio area.

In the ensuing years MBS added distribution branches in INDIANAPOLIS and FORT WAYNE, INDIANA; * MENTOR, FINDLAY, MANSFIELD, FAIRFIELD, CAMBRIDGE, CHILLICOTHE, NORWALK, DEFIANCE, SOLON, LIMA and BRUNSWICK, OHIO; * JACKSON and ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN; ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA; FLORENCE, KENTUCKY and MINERAL WELLS, WEST VIRGINIA. In all MBS has 26 branches across 6 states making MBS the premier distributor in the Midwest. Larry's son KEVIN is the President and CEO while his youngest son ERIC is the ExecutiveVice-President and COO. With over 40 years service with MBS Larry Leggett remains Chairman of the Board.

The history of POLARIS TECHNOLOGIES dates back to 1944 when MODERN BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC., the parent company, was founded in Youngstown, Ohio. We have been a manufacturer of high quality Windows and doors to the New Construction and Remodeling industry for over a half century.

Our heritage dates back to the days when our manufacturing consisted of storm windows, storm doors, and aluminum replacement windows. In 1979, we became one of the first companies to embrace the introduction of vinyl to the window and door industry. At this point in history our marketing geography was primarily centered in the Midwest, basically Ohio and the contiguous states. In 1990, after some ten years of research and development, we applied the technology, the innovation of design, and the manufacturing expertise that was making us so successful in the market place and introduced the POLARIS BRAND of VINYL windows. The name POLARIS was chosen because it represents the North Star, the light used for centuries by travelers to find their way into the future and so the name POLARIS TECHNOLOGIES was born.

Today, POLARIS TECHNOLOGIES distributes products nationally. We have two manufacturing plants in the Youngstown, Ohio area that gives us nearly 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Polaris Technologies is recognized throughout the industry as a dynamic leader in product innovation and design. We are often chosen by leading vendors in the industry to partner on the development and prototyping of new industry innovations.

Our products are thoroughly tested in-house within our own research and development facility as well as going through rigid testing from outside independent testing laboratories. The goal of Polaris Technologies is to provide building product solutions to our customers for any window and door requirement. We will continue to offer only the uppermost quality product that meets or exceeds industry requirements

DynaTech® combines the strength and thermal performance of Polaris vinyl with the process of 4-point welding of the sash corners. This process ensures that you will receive a strong, thermal efficient, problem free product that will last a lifetime.

DynaTech windows are designed to look great from both the inside and outside of your home. Polaris energySMART® glass and multiple weather-stripping provide comfort for you and your family by keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Sash Limit Locks - Allow the windows to be partially opened for ventilation, but limit their travel (hence the name) for safety.

Recessed Tilt Latches - Allow the sash to tilt in for easy cleaning.

True-Position® Balance System - Ensures easy operation and never slips.

Welded Sash Corners - The sash corners on our DynaTech windows are welded for superior strength and performance. This technologically modern process eliminates the need for glue or screws in the assembly of the window.

Extruded Lift Rails - From one-piece vinyl for easy fingertip operation and superior strength.

energySMART® Glass - We use dual pane, insualted energySMART Glass for excellent thermal performance.

Over and Under Interlock - Provides an excellent seal between the sash and prevents air infiltration. The anti-drift upper sash prevents it from drifting when closing the bottom sash.

DynaTech®slider windows will make your home look great and keep you more comfortable. They're ready to provide a lifetime of light, ventilation, and energy efficiency. DynaTech sliders are maintenance free and the sash remove from the inside for easy cleaning.

Welded Sash Corners - The main frame corners and sash corners on our DynaTech slider windows are welded for superior strength and performance. This technologically modern process eliminates the need for glue or screws in the assembly of the window.

Extruded Rails - From one-piece vinyl for easy fingertip operation and superior strength.

energySMART Glass - We use dual pane, insualted energySMART Glass for excellent thermal performance.

Our etched glass catches the light in extraordinary patterns. The designs are carved into the inner surface of the glass. Choose between traditional muntin patterns and etched patterns

Polaris® vinyl patio doors deliver every-thing you expect in a modern patio door: beauty, elegance, energy efficiency, low or no maintenance, and the latest in gliding door technology

At Polaris®, we design and manufacture our Thermal Entry doors and glasslites with America’s homeowners in mind. We know that an entry door is more than just a door, it's the focal point of your home – an expression of your own distinctive taste and style. That’s why you’ll find beauty, quality and value in every door and glasslite we make.

Polaris Technologies Inc.