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Laflamme has experienced impressive growth over the years. Founded in 1950, the company was the brainchild of two dedicated craftsmen, Armand and Rosaire Laflamme, who started off building and repairing doors, windows, and a wide range of other wooden objects.

The business originally manufactured every kind of wood product, but gradually came to specialize in the manufacture of doors and windows, eventually growing into one of Eastern Canadas largest manufacturers.

With over 1200 active customers/distributors and contractors alikein both the renovation and construction markets, Laflamme Doors and Windows Corp. is proud of its impressive sales network.

Since 2004, controlling interest in Laflamme Doors and Windows Corp. has been held by the Atis Group, and as part of Canada's largest door and vinyl replacement windows manufacturers group, the company has never looked so good.

Atis receipts now exceed $200 million annually, with 880,000 cubic feet of factory and retail surface area. The Atis team boasts 1,600 employees, 250 representatives, and 350 doors and windows installers.

When you choose Laflamme you are choosing 60 years of
know-how, quality, and an unrelenting drive to revolutionize the industry. When you invest in Laflamme products, you are getting 60 years of LAFLAMME excellence.

Today, Laflamme numbers among the largest door and window manufacturers in Eastern Canada and continues to pursue the ideal of excellence and innovation on which it has manufactured its reputation

Laflamme's production facilities cover 120,000 square feet. Growing continually, Laflamme is proud to provide work for more than 350 people, depending on the production season. Automation, superior work organization and a value-added approach to manufacturing enable us to produce over 100,000 Windows and doors annually. Each and every one is manufactured to the uppermost quality requirements, supported by outstanding after-sales service and backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Laflamme has been certified ISO 9001 since January, 2000. Our company thus meets one of the uppermost quality system requirements in the world, which helps us ensure product manufacturing consistency.

Choosing a Laflamme door or window is like acquiring half a century of know-how, quality and design expertise. So when you are in the market for doors or windows, invest in a name backed by 50 years of excellence: LAFLAMME.

With the Lumina line of windows, Laflamme is ushering in a dazzling new era one of light! With its superior glazing surface, the Lumina window provides outstanding views of the beauty of your surroundings, without compromising on energy efficiency or durability.

The unmatched light provided by the Lumina is the result of a revolutionary design combined with a premium quality, narrow extruded vinyl frame. The structural frame is exceedingly strong and resists water and air infiltration as well as color fading due to UV rays.

The Orama and Orama Plus awning windows are held up to the same rigorous manufacturing requirements and offer the same handsome looks and convenient features as the Lumina and Lumina Plus casement windows.

For 60 years, LAFLAMME has earned a rock-solid reputation for quality products and reliable distribution.

Our select network of over 300 distributors serves customers throughout Quebec, Ontario and Atlantic provinces.

You must PROTECT ALL EXPOSED WOOD with premium quality paint or stain no later than 2 weeks after installation. If required, ask a specialist for help in selecting the appropriate products.

DO NOT STAIN OR PAINT WEATHERSTRIPPING OR HARDWARE. Doing so could interfere with their effectiveness.

To avoid damage during construction or renovations, protect your doors and windows appropriately, especially when doing masonry work.

Laflamme doors and windows are of excellent quality. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy them to the fullest and maximize their life span.

Ask your distributor for the Laflamme order number and keep it with your invoice (s) as long as you're the owner.

It can also be found in the spacer bar of the glass unit.

Condensation on your windows during winter?

The humidity in your home is too high.

How can you reduce visible condensation?

Begin by reducing the humidity produced by daily activities, namely:

- Do not dry clothes inside during winter.
- Turn on the kitchen fan when cooking.
- Use the bathroom fan when taking a shower or bath.
- Send the hot warm air from the clothes dryer outside.
- Only boil the amount of water you need.
- Only run the humidifier as required.
- Don't dry firewood in the house, not even in the basement.
- Free up the windows and let air circulate by opening the blinds and curtains.

If there is still condensation, there are three possible solutions:

- Create air currents when the humidity is excessive, ie: a house fan
- Ventilate with appropriate equipment.
- Buy a ventilation system equipped with a heat exchanger.

Why do new houses usually have a high level of relative humidity?

- Because new wood, plaster and other new materials still contain moisture and the air in the house absorbs this moisture until the materials are dry.

Can the degree of relative humidity recommended for inside the house depend on outside temperatures?

- Yes. Because a very low outside temperature tends to increase condensation, it is preferable, when this occurs, to keep the degree of indoor relative humidity lower than normal.

ENJOY the view
Nothing's more comfortable than a home fitted with LAFLAMME windows and doors. Built to the highest standards with innovative technology, they make your home an oasis of comfort and security year round.

With virtually unlimited window and door styles plus a full array of options and accessories, LAFLAMME is your partner in flexible home design.

Never compromise on the place where you live and lovechoose LAFLAMME.

And then there WAS LIGHT
Light surrounds us. It is our portal to the world, our way of adding drama to rooms and filling homes with warmth.

LAFLAMME understands how important light is to your home. Thats why our products capture as much light as possible, letting it cascade and sparkle through an array of shapes and patterns to make any room a work of art. At
LAFLAMME, our windows and doors arent just functional they're things of beauty.

Committed to QUALITY
We use only the finest materials in our products-superb craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. Our experts are devoted to building the perfect window and door. Our in-house research center is at the forefront of new materials and manufacturing techniques. And rigorous quality control means our products meet the highest standards for both the Canadian and US markets.

Blending Beauty and CRAFTSMANSHIP
Windows and doors can add so much to your home. They protect you from the elements and serve as lasting symbols of taste and elegance. Well-designed windows and doors transform an ordinary home into the extraordinary, the envy of neighbors and passersby.

All LAFLAMME products marry style with functiontheyre beautiful from the outside in. Choose convenient features like casement and double-hung windows that are easy-to-clean from the inside. Opt for aluminum or vinyl
cladding and a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors without ever compromising on qualityyour home deserves no less.

Your windows and doors may be with you for life make sure you choose the best.

A look for any HOME
Whatever your home project is, LAFLAMME has a product line thats right for
you. Simply ask our knowledgeable customer support team about the wide array of options availableLAFLAMME has a look for any home or interior decor.
Whether youre building a new home, remodeling, or replacing your old windows and doors, we have the choices and flexibility to give you free rein in
home design.