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vinyl replacement window

Heartland vinyl replacement Windows and doors are individually manufactured to precisely fit the existing openings in your home.  Various custom-made styles include patio doors, bays, bows, sliders, double hungs, casements, basement and garden windows.  Install Heartland Windows and save on remodeling and energy costs while adding value to your home.  Designed with you in mind, Heartland Windows are comfortable to live with and easy to maintain.

Becoming a dominant force in the Midwestern window market is no easy task.  But Heartland Window Manufacturing Company, specialists in vinyl replacement windows, has achieved that status thanks to a very simple philosophy:  sell quality and craftsmanship, not price and false promises.

Heartland offers an extensive line of products that are certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the Energy Star Windows Program, vinyl replacement windows and the Mid-American Utilities rebate program.  These endorsements are possible only through rigorous attention to every detail of the manufacturing process.  From linear profiles to hardware and glazings, Heartland uses only the uppermost quality components available.

Casement Windows

"For the Lifestyle You Deserve"

In today's fast-paced world, two things are always at the premium:  your time and your money.

Heartland uPVC-vinyl Casement windows are designed to help you keep more of both. Their new generation technology eliminates just about every other type of time-consuming maintenance.  And their innovative engineering helps you to save money on your energy bills while keeping your new windows as affordable as they are attractive.

Keeps your free time free
Maintaining ordinary windows can take up the better part of your weekend.  So Heartland Casement windows are designed to eliminate most maintenance.

There are no weekend-consuming labors associated with them.  Not even storms or screens to repair and change.  A little soap and water replaces the frustrating activities of scraping and painting - letting you spend your free time golfing, fishing, or doing whatever you like to do.

Superior function over a lifetime
Casements with compression seals are some of the best and most energy-efficient windows you can buy.  Unfortunately, a poor designed casement can also be a real frustration; as the window ages, the sash sags, making it virtually impossible to close or lock (unless you manually push the sash into place from the outside).

Heartland Casement windows are made with an innovative glazing system that prevents sash sagging.  Through a unique deal glazing wedge, the weight of the glass is transferred away from the open sash to the center of the window, providing long-lasting operation and energy saving seals.

Long-lasting beauty
The beauty of Heartland Casement windows is that they look as good as they function.  Their New Generation materials are made of unplasticized poly-vinyl chloride (uPVC).  This high tech material uses long-lasting impact modifiers and acrylic stabilizers with superior performance characteristics.  The result is a window that looks as good 10 years from now as it does today.

Maximum energy efficiency
Nothing can cost you energy dollars faster than a poorly designed or manufactured window.  That's why Heartland Casement windows are engineered for maximum energy efficiency.

Their vinyl material and multi-chamber design make them as energy-efficient as the best wood windows.  And more than 1000 times better than aluminum.  It also helps them keep your home better insulated from outside noise.

Heartland Casement windows have fusion welded corners.  Fusion welding creates an airtight seal by essentailly making one continuous piece of material out of the frame and another out of the sash.  This eliminates the cracks or openings at the corners that let air - and energy dollars - out.

Smart ventilation, smart options
Heartland Casement windows are designed with homeowners in mind.  Unlike conventional casement windows, they are hinged slightly away from the corner when open.  This feature provides continuous flow of air no matter which way the breeze is blowing while creating a space for cleaning the outside glass from inside your home.

Even locking and unlocking the window has been made easy.  Heartland window locks make hard-to-reach windows easy to reach. They can also be made to better accommodate the needs of the physically challenged, young adults and senior citizens.

Classic looks
Heartland Casement windows are offered in a wide selection of styles that will bring out the unique character of your home.  Everything from single casements to casement bow windows are available - all custom-fit to your exact window opening to help you save on remodeling costs while adding value to your home.

Heartland Awning Windows
The same minimal maintenance/energy efficiency benefits of Heartland Casement windows can be found in the awning design.

Classic in appearance these windows include modern Heartland features like long-lasting beauty, convenient hardware, superior ventilation and a wide range of supplementals for fast, easy installations.

Glass options
Glass options include standard clear and low-E energy-efficient glass.

Heartland windows are designed to meet or exceed the most stringent energy and performance requirements for the lifestyle you deserve.

Double Hung Windows

"For the Lifestyle You Deserve"

Heartland double hung windows are the perfect choice to replace your old windows.  Their uPVC vinyl technology virtually eliminates maintenance, helping you save time and money.  Heartland designs also provide energy benefits far superior to that of conventional vinyl windows, as well as wood and aluminum windows.  And, Heartland double hung windows give you all these modern benefits with a traditional appearance that complements your home.

Elegance that fits your style
Heartland double hung windows are beautifully crafted with clean, smooth faces instead of cumbersome, dirt-catching grooves that are prevalent on many vinyl windows.  This styling assures that Heartland windows will enhance and accentuate the character of your home.

Custom fit for hassle-free installation
Unlike conventional systems, Heartland windows are custom fit for every installation.  This made to order process helps eliminate drafts, leaks, and energy loss.  And it makes your Heartland window easier to install, helping you save money.

Innovative, time-saving design
Heartland double hung windows are designed to help you get your weekends back.

They won't split, rot, warp, chalk, or rust when exposed to the element.  There's no painting, staining, or caulking - EVER!  You don't even have to change storms and screens to get full energy efficiency in winter and summer.

Cleaning is a breeze too!  The frames wipe clean with soap and water.  The glass tilts in so you can clean outside panes from inside your home.  And, should your little league slugger break a window with a big league swing, glass replacement is a snap-out/snap-in operation and just takes 10 minutes.

Energy Efficient
Most heating and cooling dollars literally go out the window.  That's why Heartland windows have been engineered for maximum energy efficiency.

Internal chambers provide captive space to insulate the frame against differences in temperature from outside to inside.  This feature increases energy conservation while minimizing condensation and frost build-up in cold weather.  It also helps prevent expansion and contraction of the outside wall so the window framing remains full supported at all times.

But the real key is what happens in the long term.  Wood windows can deteriorate, creating leaks in several areas.  Not so with Heartland windows.   Since they won't decay they maintain their energy efficiency, providing you with energy savings you can count on for the long term.

Durable welded-frame Construction
Window frames are constantly under stress from the house settling or changes in temperature.  That's why Heartland windows use fully welded corners rather than mechanical fasteners to attach framing pieces together.  The results are corners that stay air and watertight - and sashes that open and close with ease - year after year.

Bay Window                 Bow Window


  • Fusion welded multi-chambered frame & sashes

  • Extra-thick uPVC frame and sash walls

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • 30 years glass warranty

  •  Spacer system for a "WARM EDGE"

  • Color throughout uPVC never needs painting

  • Premium lifetime hardware

  • Interior snap-in glazing


  • Low E squared glass

  • Argon gas filled air spaces

  • Colonial grids

  • Diamond grids

  • three color option

  • dark woodgrain or light oak interior option


Heartland Tilt Slider Windows
For homes with horizontal rather than vertical windows, Heartland double sliding windows are the answer.  Their elegant, clean looks and efficient designs are quickly making them an industry standard.

Heartland double sliding windows incorporate the same minimal-maintenance, high strength and energy efficiency features as their traditional double hung counterparts.

Glass Options
Glass options include standard clear and low-E squared glass, along with argon gas filled units.

Patio/French Doors

The patio door of the next century is available today!!

Energy efficient and packed with the features homeowners prefer, our new patio door has style to spare.  But, don't let its clean elegant lines distract you from its real beauty - this spectacular patio door is virtually maintenance free!

  • Never need painting. Impervious to rot, rust, corrosion, blistering, flaking, or peeling. Wipes clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Thermal efficient - reduces energy costs. Polycarbonate tracks - make for easy rolling. Versatile hardware options. Two-, three-, and four-panel designs.

  • Picture window options - for side and overhead lights.

Our new uPVC Patio Doors combine the design elements you prefer with the energy efficiency you demand.

Multi-chambered design ensures optimum energy efficiency
Our new patio doors feature highly efficient multi-chambered insulation to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  State-of-the-art design, energy saving glass, internal glazing, and tight weather sealing deliver significant energy savings in any climate.

Low maintenance and long life
Our highly durable uPVC vinyl patio doors provide long lasting beauty and operation with almost no maintenance.  No scraping, painting, or varnishing ever!  All that's ever needed is an occasional wipe-down with soap and water.

Easy-Glide door with hight-quality screen
Adjustable all-metal tandem rollers running an optional high-strength polycarbonate track ensure that these beautiful patio doors open and close easily and quietly over years of service.  Heavy-duty aluminum screen panels with no-rust fiberglass mesh and adjustable rollers allow for easy screen movement.

    Energy Star Windows. . .
It's what you need to know about windows!

ENERGY STAR is the national symbol for energy efficiency.  The U.S. Department of Energy recommends windows with the ENERGY STAR.

What's it take to get the ENERGY STAR Label?

All ENERGY STAR qualifying windows, doors, and skylights are certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).  These independent ratings provide the basis for ENERGY STAR'S window performance requirements, which are tailored to fit the energy needs of the country's different climate regions.  You can identify the region in which a window qualifies by the map located on the ENERGY STAR label.

What does that mean for the environment?

ENERGY STAR labeled windows are good for the environment because they decreasethe amount of energy needed to heat and cool homes.  Most energy is produced by burning fossil fuels, which causes air pollution, smog, and global warming. By using energy more efficiently, we can prevent pollution.

ENERGY STAR Windows will provide you with year round comfort and value!

Windows are the ultimate hole in the wall.  Windows frame views, provide light, and express the personality of a home.

Smart Windows for smart people!

The ENERGY STAR label provides customer trust by recognizing window performance.  ENERGY STAR windows...It's what you need to know about windows