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Since 1954, General Aluminum has not only been a leading manufacturer of high quality, residential windows and patio doors, our company has been a leading innovator in the field as well.

    By precisely anticipating the increasing environmental/energy concerns of the public—and the corresponding new energy codes—we have consistently been first to design, build and market high performance, yet reasonably-priced, attractive products that meet those requirements. Our revolutionary, insulating SPACEGLASS®, first introduced to the residential market in the early sixties, has resulted in significant energy cost savings for hundreds of thousands of homeowners, from Florida to California, and, over the years, has helped conserve vast amounts of our country's natural resources.

    In addition to continually developing ways to improve vinyl replacement windows and patio door performance, we have always manufactured our products with precision craftsmanship and high quality materials. For instance, all of our insulated glass is "A" rated—the uppermost level of quality available in insulated glass. In fact, all window component materials are selected for high performance characteristics and long-lasting durability.

    We're also known for offering a vast array of styles and sizes, in a selection of colors—so, no matter what your favorite architectural style is, we've got the windows to make your home look extraordinary. And if the windows you envision aren't included in our regular product line, our Custom Window Department will make them for you.

   At General Aluminum, attention to detail makes a big difference. If you prefer divided lites in your windows, our 3/4" muntins make our windows noticeably more attractive than competitors' windows with skinny 1/2" muntins. All of our windows are tested against forced entry under strict conditions.

    You can also count on your General Aluminum Windows and Patio Doors to provide years and years of smooth operation and trouble-free performance. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process and our industry-leading warranties ensure that "fogging" between the panes of glass will not be a problem.

    General Aluminum is also renowned for addressing specific market needs, such as those of Florida where the devastation of Hurricane Andrew resulted in the implementation of more stringent building codes. We manufacture both aluminum and vinyl windows designed to meet or exceed those new codes.

    At General Aluminum, we place utmost emphasis on innovation, high quality, customer service and on-time nationwide delivery. If you came to our 300,000 square foot manufacturing and sales facilities in Carrollton, Texas, just outside of Dallas, you'd see our commitment in action as over 700 employees extrude the aluminum, assemble the Windows and doors by hand, and operate a fleet of company-owned tractor/trailers that dependably deliver orders with short lead times.

    For our customers, the vision of General Aluminum and the products we make all add up to one thing—the best views in America!

General Aluminum Windows and Patio Doors are manufactured not only to meet the uppermost requirements of quality and performance, but to set them. From developing innovations that lead the way in increasing energy efficiency to using 3/4” muntins that make our windows noticably more attractive than competitors’ with 1/2” muntins, we strive to make the best products you could possibly install in your home.

    With our full lines of sizes and configurations, you’re bound to find the windows and patio doors that will make your home extraordinary!

General Aluminum's five decades of experience and innovation in manufacturing high quality, state-of-the-art, aluminum windows goes into every unit we sell today. You can be sure the windows you order from General Aluminum are unsurpassed in quality, craftsmanship and design.

 General Aluminum's Vinyl Window Line offers a full range of sizes and configurations. Each one is designed for maximum energy efficiency and smooth operation. Each unit is welded and assembled by hand, then inspected thoroughly, to ensure years of long-lasting, maintenance-free durability.

    For great value—and great performance—General Aluminum's Vinyl Windows can't be beat.

Our craftsmanship and the superior quality of the materials we use to construct General Aluminum Patio Doors translate into years of easy, trouble-free operation for our customers, as well as reduced energy bills. Our innovative designs also allow fast, easy installation and offer extraordinary versatility.

General Aluminum’s Vinyl Patio Doors are designed to meet the uppermost requirements of quality and performance. The frames of our home-enhancing patio doors feature multi-chamber, rigid vinyl construction to ensure strong resistance to twisting and bending.

    Because our vinyl is immune to insects, rotting and weather changes, resistant to damage from salt or airborne chemicals and requires little or no maintenance, homeowners can expect many years of easy, trouble-free operation. And with optional Low-E glass, they can look forward to lower energy bills as well.

Florida Certified Products Page

This page contains special certification information for our Florida products. Below you will find the FBC numbers assigned by the State of Florida. At the bottom of this page there is a link to to the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs Web Site.

To use the site Click on the 'Product Approval Button'. A drop Down Menu will appear. Select 'Find a Product or Application'. A page will open up and allow you to enter a FBC code. The site will then display the current certification status of the products or applications within that catagory.

FL# 8359 Single Hung Products 2004 Version.

FL# 8177 Single Hung Products 2004 Version.

FL# 8704 Single Hung Products 2004 Version.

FL# 8175 Horizontal Slider Products 2004 Version.

FL# 8164 Picture Window Products 2004 Version.

FL# 8705 Vinyl Casement 2004 Version.

FL# 5170-R1 Patio Door 400 Series 2004 Version.

FL# 6805 Patio Door 420/430/440 Series 2004 Version.

FL# 8919 Patio Door 600 Series 2004 Version

FL# 7555 Mullions & Misc. Applications 2004 Version.

FL# 8909 Single Hung Products Impact 2004 Version.

FL# 8908 Horizontal Slider Impact 2004 Version.

FL# 8910 Picture Window Impact 2004 Version.

FL# 8905 Mullions 2004 Version.

FL# 9312 Single Hung Impact 2004 Version.

FL# 9314 Single Hung 2004 Version.

FL# 9343 Fixed Impact 2004 Version

FL# 9294 Casement Impact 2004 Version

FL# 7505 Mullions 2004 Version

General Aluminum Windows and Patio Doors are designed for easy installation.

The following installation instructions are based on an ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard that has been adapted by AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) and is the basis for their ceritified installer program. It is one recognized and accepted method used in many parts of the country.

It should be noted that there are numerous other installation methods that when done correctly can achieve the desired result of a leak resistant installation.

General Aluminum produces product for many parts of the country and is used in a large selection of construction types. It is because of these different applications that General Aluminum recommends that you discuss specific installation requirements with your architect or design engineer.